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susurrus a soft whispering or rustling sound.
sutler formerly, a person who followed an army from place to place to sell the soldiers liquor, food, or the like.
sutra in Hinduism, a precept for right conduct, or esp. a collection of such. [2 definitions]
suttee an old Hindu custom, now banned in India, in which a widow would allow herself to be cremated alive upon her husband's funeral pyre.
suture the act or process of surgically joining or sewing together the edges of a wound, incision, or the like. [5 definitions]
SUV abbreviation of "sport-utility vehicle," a passenger vehicle that combines the seating capacity of a large car or van with the power of a truck.
Suva the capital of Fiji.
suzerain a ruler or state that exercises authority over the international affairs of another state. [2 definitions]
suzerainty the position of, or area controlled by, a suzerain.
svelte gracefully slim or slender.
Svengali one who exerts a mysterious controlling influence on another person or persons, usu. for self-serving or malevolent purposes.
SW abbreviation of "southwest."
swab a small piece of absorbent material, such as cotton, that is often attached to an applicator stick and is used for medicinal applications or cleansing. [6 definitions]
swabber one that swabs, esp. in cleaning. [2 definitions]
swaddle to wrap (an infant) tightly in cloths or blankets. [3 definitions]
swaddling bands see "swaddling clothes."
swaddling clothes strips of cloth or garments wrapped around a baby or infant, esp. for restraint. [2 definitions]
swag a decorative curtain or other hanging, usu. draped in a curve from one point to another. [4 definitions]
swage a tool used to bend and shape cold metal. [4 definitions]
swage block see "swage."
swagger to walk or move in a proud or arrogant manner; strut. [5 definitions]