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Suva the capital of Fiji.
suzerain a ruler or state that exercises authority over the international affairs of another state. [2 definitions]
suzerainty the position of, or area controlled by, a suzerain.
svelte gracefully slim or slender.
Svengali one who exerts a mysterious controlling influence on another person or persons, usu. for self-serving or malevolent purposes.
SW abbreviation of "southwest."
swab a small piece of absorbent material, such as cotton, that is often attached to an applicator stick and is used for medicinal applications or cleansing. [6 definitions]
swabber one that swabs, esp. in cleaning. [2 definitions]
swaddle to wrap (an infant) tightly in cloths or blankets. [3 definitions]
swaddling bands see "swaddling clothes."
swaddling clothes strips of cloth or garments wrapped around a baby or infant, esp. for restraint. [2 definitions]
swag a decorative curtain or other hanging, usu. draped in a curve from one point to another. [4 definitions]
swage a tool used to bend and shape cold metal. [4 definitions]
swage block see "swage."
swagger to walk or move in a proud or arrogant manner; strut. [5 definitions]
swagger stick a short stick or cane sometimes carried by military officers.
Swahili an African language with some Arabic roots that is used in east Africa and parts of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. [2 definitions]
swale a piece of land lower and usu. marshier and damper than surrounding areas.
swallow1 to take or draw (a portion of food or other substance) into the digestive tract by passing it from the mouth into the esophagus with a voluntary muscular movement. [8 definitions]
swallow2 any of a number of small migratory birds that have long, pointed wings and often a forked tail, and that are known for their graceful flight. [2 definitions]
swallowtail the deeply notched or forked tail of a swallow, or a tail that is similar to it. [2 definitions]