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swagger to walk or move in a proud or arrogant manner; strut. [5 definitions]
swagger stick a short stick or cane sometimes carried by military officers.
Swahili an African language with some Arabic roots that is used in east Africa and parts of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. [2 definitions]
swale a piece of land lower and usu. marshier and damper than surrounding areas.
swallow1 to take or draw (a portion of food or other substance) into the digestive tract by passing it from the mouth into the esophagus with a voluntary muscular movement. [8 definitions]
swallow2 any of a number of small migratory birds that have long, pointed wings and often a forked tail, and that are known for their graceful flight. [2 definitions]
swallowtail the deeply notched or forked tail of a swallow, or a tail that is similar to it. [2 definitions]
swallow-tailed having a forked tail similar to that of a swallow. [2 definitions]
swallow-tailed coat a man's full dress coat having a long, rounded, split tail at the back.
swam past tense of swim.
swami a title of respect given to a Hindu religious teacher, or the teacher addressed in this way. [2 definitions]
swamp a wet lowland area that is usu. covered with water; marsh; bog. [5 definitions]
swamped (informal) having a very large amount of work to do, to the point where one feels as if one is sinking in it.
swamp fever see "malaria." [2 definitions]
swampland land in a swamp, or an area marked by swamps; marshland.
swampy of or like a swamp; marshy; spongy. [2 definitions]
swan any of various large aquatic birds that have very long necks, usu. white plumage, and webbed feet. [2 definitions]
swan dive a headfirst dive in which the legs are kept straight, the back is arched, and the arms are straight out to the sides before being brought overhead as the diver is about to enter the water.
swank (informal) stylishness or smartness in manner or appearance; elegance. [4 definitions]
swanky (informal) elegantly fashionable or smart; swank. [2 definitions]
swannery a place where swans are bred or enclosed.