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sword cane a walking cane that holds a concealed sword or dagger.
swordfish a large marine game and food fish that has a sharp, elongated upper jaw resembling a sword.
sword grass any of various grasses or plants having sharp swordlike leaves.
sword knot a loop or strap made of ribbon, leather, or the like, attached as decoration to the hilt of a sword and worn around the wrist.
sword of Damocles any impending or threatening danger.
swordplay the skill or action of using a sword; fencing.
swordsman one who is skilled in the use of swords. [2 definitions]
swore past tense of swear.
sworn past participle of swear. [3 definitions]
swum past participle of swim.
swung past tense and past participle of swing.
sybarite a person who is fond of pleasure and luxury; voluptuary. [2 definitions]
sycamore any of a group of tall trees bearing leaves with hollow leafstalk bases and flowers in balls, esp. the American plane tree or buttonwood. [3 definitions]
sycophancy servile flattery for the purpose of gaining personal favor from someone of influence.
sycophant one that flatters and fawns over superiors in order to get favors or advance his or her position; toady.
Sydney a seaport and provincial capital in southeastern Australia.
syl- together.
syli the chief monetary unit of Guinea, equaling one hundred cory.
syllabary a table or list of syllables. [2 definitions]
syllabic of or consisting of a syllable or syllables. [4 definitions]
syllabicate to divide (a word) into syllables; syllabify.