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syncretize to try to bring together or make (ideas or philosophies) compatible.
syndic one who represents and does business on behalf of an institution, esp. a university. [2 definitions]
syndicalism a radical political movement of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries supporting labor union control of all industry and the dissolving of governmental authority.
syndicate a group of individuals, organizations, or corporations making some joint effort or undertaking joint negotiations or transactions. [5 definitions]
syndrome a group or pattern of symptoms that together are indicative of a particular disease, disorder, or condition. [2 definitions]
synecdoche a figure of speech in which one term is used representatively for another by substituting a part for the whole or the specific for the general, or the reverse of these, such as "wheels" for "car" or "the police" for "a policeman".
syneresis the contraction of two syllables or vowels into one syllable, esp. to form a diphthong. [3 definitions]
synergetic working together or cooperatively.
synergism the joint effect of agents that is increased beyond the effects of each agent separately.
synergy the combined action or power of two or more things. [2 definitions]
synesthesia a phenomenon in which a stimulus applied to one part of the body causes a sensation in another, as when a smell produces the visualization of a prior experience.
synfuel see "synthetic fuel."
syngas a synthetic gas, produced from the combustion of fossil fuels or biomass, that contains hydrogen and can be used as a fuel.
synod an assembly of the officers of a given church or denomination for the discussion of church affairs; ecclesiastical council. [2 definitions]
synodical of or pertaining to a synod; synodal. [2 definitions]
synonym a word having the same or nearly the same meaning as another word of the same language. [2 definitions]
synonymous having the same or a similar meaning; expressing the same idea, intent, or the like.
synonymy the quality of being synonymous or similar in meaning. [3 definitions]
synopsis a short statement giving an overview, the main principles, or the sequence of events of a narrative, argument, article, or the like; summary; abstract.
synopsize to make a brief, condensed summary, outline, or statement of (a longer work); summarize.
synoptic of or indicating a synopsis; forming a summary or overview. [2 definitions]