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systemic racism persistent and pervasive discrimination, both subtle and direct, on the part of members of the racial group that holds the greatest wealth and power within a society against members of other racial groups, resulting in inequities in such areas as income, job opportunities, access to voting and healthcare, treatment under the law, and treatment by law enforcement officials.
systemize to systematize.
systemless combined form of system.
system of measurement a set of units used used to quantify certain properties, such as length, volume, and mass, and a set of rules relating the units to one another.
systems analysis the quantitative study and analysis of an operation or activity to decide how its purposes and objectives can best be achieved. [2 definitions]
systems engineering a branch of engineering that makes use of computer science and systems analysis to put together efficient operating procedures for certain networks or complexes.
system unit the main constituent of a computer, which houses the central processing unit and other essential components.
systole the rhythmic contraction made by the heart and its ventricles that pushes blood from the chambers. (Cf. diastole.)
syzygy in astronomy, the alignment, either in conjunction or opposition, of three celestial bodies within the same gravitational system, esp. the sun, moon, and earth. [3 definitions]
sz. abbreviation of "size."
T abbreviation of "true," in agreement with fact.
t the twentieth letter of the English alphabet. [3 definitions]
TA abbreviation of "teaching assistant."
Ta symbol of the chemical element tantalum.
tab a small, flat projection, such as a loop, strap, or flap, used for pulling, hanging, or opening, or as a means of identifying something. [7 definitions]
tabard formerly, a capelike jacket worn outdoors by peasants. [3 definitions]
tabby a domestic cat with gray striped fur. [3 definitions]
tabernacle a place of worship, esp. a spacious one. [3 definitions]
tabes dorsalis a disease of the nervous system, usu. caused by syphilis and characterized by pain and an increasing loss of voluntary motor control and organ distress.
tab key the tabulator on a typewriter.
tabla a pair of different-sized, small drums that are joined together, used esp. in the music of India. The pitch of these drums can be varied.