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tailgate a hinged panel or board at the rear of a truck, station wagon, or wagon that can be let down for loading or unloading. [2 definitions]
tailing (pl.) waste from the process of mining, milling, or the like. [2 definitions]
tailless combined form of tail.
taillight a usu. red warning light at the rear of a vehicle.
tailor one who makes, alters, or repairs clothing, esp. men's suits and coats. [4 definitions]
tailorbird any of several tropical warblers that use plant strands to stitch together leaves as a camouflage for their nests.
tailored made, or as if made, by a tailor. [2 definitions]
tailor-made made by a tailor, or custom-made. [2 definitions]
tailpiece a piece or part positioned at the end of something. [3 definitions]
tailpipe the pipe, usu. at the end of a vehicle, through which exhaust fumes from the engine are channeled, as in a car or jet.
tailrace the lower part of the channel through which water leaves a water wheel. [2 definitions]
tailspin the action of a falling, spinning aircraft, characterized by a fast spiraling of the tail. [2 definitions]
tailstock on a lathe or grinder, the adjustable piece that contains the dead center and helps hold the work.
tail wind a wind that blows in the same direction as the course of a vessel or aircraft.
Taíno a member of an American Indian tribe that inhabited the Bahamas and parts of the Antilles before the arrival of Columbus and that eventually became extinct after Spanish colonization of the islands. [2 definitions]
taint to slightly corrupt or pollute. [5 definitions]
taintless combined form of taint.
Taipei the capital of Taiwan.
Taiwan an island off the southeastern coast of China; Formosa. [2 definitions]
Tajik of or pertaining to Tajikistan or its people, culture, language, or the like. [3 definitions]
Tajikistan a Central Asian country on the northern border of Afghanistan; formerly a republic of the Soviet Union.