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Talavera de la Reina city located on the Tagus River in the province of Toledo, Spain, in Castile-La Mancha, known for its ceramics industry.
talc a soft mineral with a greasy feel used in making talcum powder and in various industrial products. [3 definitions]
talcum powder a soft, fine-grained powder made of refined talc, usu. scented and used on the body.
tale an account of the details of a real or fictional occurrence; story. [3 definitions]
talebearer one who spreads harmful rumors or stories; gossip.
talent a natural ability or aptitude. [4 definitions]
talented possessing a natural aptitude or gift for something.
talentless combined form of talent.
talent scout a person who searches for and recruits persons of superior ability or talent in a certain field, such as acting, sports, or business.
taler any of several coins in circulation in German states from the fifteenth to nineteenth centuries.
tales (used with a pl. verb) people summoned to fill vacancies on a jury that has become deficient in number. [2 definitions]
talesman a person summoned to be one of the tales on a jury.
tali pl. of talus1.
Taliban a Muslim fundamentalist group that controlled Afghanistan from 1996 until 2001.
talipes a clubfoot.
talipot a tall palm tree of the East Indies, having huge fanlike leaves that are used in making umbrellas and fans and in covering houses, and as a substitute for writing paper.
talisman an object, often worn or carried as an ornament, that is believed to protect, or give one supernatural powers. [2 definitions]
talk to communicate through spoken words; discuss. [14 definitions]
talkathon an extremely lengthy talk in the form of a speech, debate, discussion, or the like, usu. regarding public concerns.
talkative tending to talk often and at length; fond of talking.
talk back to respond in a rude or impertinent manner.