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tangelo a hybrid citrus tree produced from crossing certain varieties of grapefruit and tangerine. [2 definitions]
tangent in contact, esp. at a single point or along a single line; touching. [5 definitions]
tangential of, similar to, or positioned or moving in the direction of a tangent. [3 definitions]
tangerine a citrus tree bearing a type of mandarin orange that has a loose, reddish orange skin, a slightly flattened shape, and sweet, juicy, easily separated sections of pulp. [3 definitions]
tangible capable of being touched or perceived by touch. [5 definitions]
tangle to mix, knot, or entwine, making separation or straightening difficult (often fol. by "up"). [7 definitions]
tango a Latin American ballroom dance with gliding steps and frequent, abrupt turns, often performed as an exhibition dance. [3 definitions]
tangy having a tang, as in taste or smell.
tank a large receptacle used to hold liquid or gas. [5 definitions]
tanka an unrhymed Japanese poem of thirty-one syllables in five lines, having five syllables in the first and third lines and seven in each of the other three lines.
tankage the storing of liquid in a tank, the tank's holding capacity, or the charge for the storage. [2 definitions]
tankard a large drinking mug with one handle and often a hinged cover, used esp. for beer and ale.
tank car a tanklike train car used to transport gases or liquids.
tanked (slang) drunk.
tanker an airplane, ship, or truck designed to transport oil or other liquids in bulk.
tank farming hydroponics.
tank top a sleeveless top for casual wear, similar to an undershirt but having wider straps.
tank town formerly, a town at which trains stopped only to fill their water tanks; small, insignificant town.
tank up (informal) to fill the gas tank of one or more vehicles. [2 definitions]
tanner1 one who tans animal hides.
tanner2 comparative of "tan."