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tapeworm any of various flatworms that live as parasites in the intestines of humans and other vertebrates.
tapioca a starch obtained from the cassava root, refined in small beads or other forms, and used as a thickening agent in puddings and other foods.
tapir any of several related four-footed, hoofed, piglike mammals that have a heavy body, short legs, and a long flexible fleshy snout.
tappet in an engine or machine, a connecting rod moved by a cam so as to cause movement in another part such as a valve.
taproom a barroom or bar.
taproot a large main root of a plant, usu. growing straight down, from which smaller roots branch laterally.
taps (used with a sing. verb) the signal played on a trumpet or drum in the U.S. military forces to order the lights to be extinguished, or at the end of a funeral or memorial service.
tar1 a dark, oily, sticky, heavy substance obtained by the destructive distillation of wood, coal, or peat, and used in protective coatings and sealants, as on roads and roofs. [3 definitions]
tar2 (informal) a sailor.
tar and feather to punish or humiliate by coating with tar and feathers. [2 definitions]
tarantella a lively, whirling dance from southern Italy, often including tambourine-playing. [2 definitions]
tarantula any of several related large American spiders, found mainly in tropical regions, that have hairy legs and a poisonous but not fatal bite. [2 definitions]
tarboosh a tasseled, fezlike cap of cloth or felt worn by Muslim men either alone or beneath a turban.
tardy late or delayed. [2 definitions]
tare1 any of various climbing, twining plants related to legumes and cultivated as forage or for their edible seeds; vetch. [3 definitions]
tare2 the weight of a carrier, container, or wrapper deducted from the gross weight of goods to determine the net weight of the contents. [4 definitions]
target an object or mark at which missiles, such as bullets, arrows, or bombs, are fired or directed. [4 definitions]
targetable combined form of target.
tariff a government tax on imports or exports, or a rate or schedule of such taxes; duty. [3 definitions]
tarlatan a muslin fabric that is thin and stiff with an open weave.
Tarmac trademark for a bituminous substance used in paving and surfacing roads, parking lots, and the like. [2 definitions]