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taut tightly drawn, pulled, or stretched; not slack. [3 definitions]
tauten to make or become taut.
tauto- same.
tautog a black, edible fish common to the Atlantic coast of North America.
tautology unnecessary repetition of the same idea in different words; redundancy. [2 definitions]
tautonym in zoology, a scientific name in which the genus name and the species name are the same.
tav the name of the twenty-third and last letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
tavern a place that sells alcoholic beverages for drinking on its premises; bar. [2 definitions]
taw1 a large playing marble used as a shooter. [3 definitions]
taw2 to prepare (skins) for tanning into white leather, usu. by using salt or alum.
taw3 variant of tav.
tawdry falsely showy; cheap and gaudy.
tawny a light brown color having shades of yellow or orange; tan. [2 definitions]
tax a sum of money levied by government on income, property, or sales and used for its services and administration. [6 definitions]
taxable subject to tax.
taxation the act of imposing a tax or taxes. [3 definitions]
tax-deductible excluded when calculating tax on income.
tax duplicate a document given to tax authorities that certifies the value of real-estate holdings.
taxeme any of the minimal features in grammatical construction, such as word selection, word order, or phonetic modification.
tax-exempt not subject to taxation.
tax-free having no tax; tax-exempt.