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taximeter a mechanical device installed in taxicabs that automatically calculates the distance driven and the fare owed.
taxing making heavy demands; burdensome.
taxis1 the movement of an organism toward or away from an external stimulus. [2 definitions]
taxis2 pl. of taxi.
taxi squad in football, a group of reserve players who practice with the team but do not play in the professional games.
taxi stand a parking area reserved for taxicabs waiting to be hired.
taxo- arrangement; order.
taxon a specific category or unit used in the biological system of animal and plant classification that groups organisms by factors common to each.
taxonomy in biology, the system of classifying plants and animals by grouping them into categories according to their similarities. [3 definitions]
taxpayer one who pays or is subject to paying taxes.
tax rate the percentage of income, property value, or the like that is to be paid as tax.
tax return an official form used to report one's income to the government for a particular tax period and to calculate any tax that may still be due; tax return.
tax shelter a financial investment or operation that legally defers income, increases expenses, or depreciates allowances for the purpose of reducing taxable income.
tax stamp a seal, mark, or the like indicating that a tax has been paid.
tax title a title acquired by the buyer of property that is sold because of nonpayment of taxes.
TB abbreviation of "tuberculosis," a contagious disease of human beings and some animals, caused by a bacterium and characterized by the formation of tubercles on body tissues, esp. in the lungs.
Tb symbol of the chemical element terbium.
TBA abbreviation of "to be announced."
T-bar a metal bar or beam with a cross section resembling a T. [2 definitions]
Tbilisi the capital of European Georgia.
T-bill abbreviation of "Treasury bill."