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TD abbreviation of "touchdown."
Te symbol of the chemical element tellurium.
tea an evergreen bush that bears white flowers and that grows primarily in China, Japan, India, and Sri Lanka. [7 definitions]
tea bag a small porous bag that holds approximately one teaspoonful of tea, usu. used to make an individual serving of hot tea.
tea ball a hollow, perforated metal ball in which tea leaves are placed to be immersed and steeped in boiling water.
teaberry a low-growing plant common to North America that bears pink flowers and spicy red berries; wintergreen. [2 definitions]
teacake a small, usu. sweetened cake, roll, or tart.
teach to instruct by imparting knowledge or advice to. [7 definitions]
teachable receptive to instruction or training. [2 definitions]
teacher one who teaches, esp. as an occupation.
teach-in a period of uninterrupted lectures, speeches, and the like, conducted at a college or university by faculty members and others, often as a protest.
teaching the activity or occupation of one who teaches. [3 definitions]
teaching fellow a graduate student at a university who performs certain teaching duties in exchange for financial aid.
teaching machine a mechanical device used for programmed instruction, providing the user with an immediate response to his or her work.
tea cozy a padded, insulating covering for a teapot.
teacup a small cup, usu. used for serving tea or the like. [2 definitions]
teacupful the amount that a teacup is capable of holding.
teahouse a restaurant or similar place, common in the Far East, where tea and other refreshments are served.
teak a tall evergreen tree of Asia with hard, yellowish brown wood. [2 definitions]
teakettle a covered kettle with a handle and spout that is used to boil water.
teal any of several small freshwater ducks with short necks. [2 definitions]