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tee-hee to giggle or snicker, usu. in a nervous or silly manner. [2 definitions]
teem to have in abundance; swarm (usu. fol. by "with").
-teen a form of "ten," used in the cardinal numbers from "thirteen" to "nineteen".
teen shortened form of "teenager," a person who is of an age between thirteen and nineteen. [2 definitions]
teenage of, concerning, being, or characteristic of a person or people of ages thirteen through nineteen.
teenager a person of age thirteen through nineteen.
teens the numbers thirteen through nineteen, esp. as they refer to years in a person's life or in a century. [2 definitions]
teeny (informal) very small; tiny.
tee off to begin play in a game of golf or on a single hole. [4 definitions]
teepee variant of tepee.
tee shirt variant of T-shirt.
teeter to walk, stand, or act in an unsteady, wavering manner. [4 definitions]
teeter board a plank of wood or other hard material balanced on a support in the middle such that when one end goes up, the other comes down; seesaw.
teeter-totter a seesaw.
teeth pl. of tooth.
teethe of a baby, to have teeth growing out through the gums.
teething ring a circular object made of plastic, ivory, or rubber for a teething baby to gnaw.
teethridge the gum along the inner edge of the upper front teeth.
teetotal of, concerning, favoring, or practicing total abstinence from drinking alcoholic beverages. [2 definitions]
teetotaler one who totally refrains from drinking alcoholic beverages.
teetotalism the practice or principle of abstinence from alcoholic beverages.