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tempeh an Indonesian food that is high in protein, made of fermented soybeans.
temper a habitual state of mind or manner of feeling. [11 definitions]
tempera a painting medium using pigments mixed with a glutinous substance such as egg yolk, glue, or gum. [2 definitions]
temperable combined form of temper.
temperament the manner of thinking, feeling, and acting that is characteristic of a particular person or animal. [2 definitions]
temperamental overly excitable or irritable. [3 definitions]
temperance moderation in action, emotion, speech, or the like; self-restraint. [2 definitions]
temperate characterized by moderation or self-control; restrained. [4 definitions]
Temperate Zone either of two zones or areas of the earth between the tropics and the polar circles, characterized by seasonal climatic changes; North Temperate Zone; South Temperate Zone.
temperature the degree of heat or cold of a body or an environment. [3 definitions]
tempered having a specified kind of temper (usu. used in combination). [3 definitions]
temper tantrum a violent, noisy display of temper, esp. by a young child; tantrum.
tempest a very strong and violent wind, esp. when accompanied by rain, sleet, hail, or snow. [2 definitions]
tempest in a teapot a violent commotion, argument, or the like over a small matter.
tempestuous characterized by disturbance or commotion; stormy; turbulent. [2 definitions]
Templar a knight of a religious military order founded by the Crusaders in the twelfth century in Jerusalem.
template a pattern or mold used as a guide, especially a thin piece of metal, plastic, or wood used in cutting or shaping other pieces, as in woodworking. [4 definitions]
temple1 a building or place where a deity or deities are worshiped. [4 definitions]
temple2 the flat area on either side of the head between the forehead and ear.
temple3 a device that keeps cloth stretched properly on the loom during weaving.
Templo Mayor the main temple of the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan (Mexico City), initially constructed in 1325 and largely destroyed by conquistadors in 1521.