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tenantry people who pay rent to use or occupy land, a building, or other property owned by another. [2 definitions]
ten-cent store a commercial establishment that sells inexpensive goods; five-and-ten.
Ten Commandments according to the Old Testament, the ten laws handed down by God to Moses on Mount Sinai that constitute the fundamental code of moral responsibility for both Jews and Christians; Decalogue.
tend1 to have an inclination or disposition to behave in a certain way or display a certain characteristic; be inclined. [2 definitions]
tend2 to care for or maintain; look after (a person or thing). [2 definitions]
tendency an inclination or natural disposition to move in a certain direction. [2 definitions]
tendentious having or expressing a particular point of view; not impartial; biased.
tender1 easily chewed or crushed; not tough; soft. [6 definitions]
tender2 to formally present. [4 definitions]
tender3 a person who cares for, manages, or takes charge of something. [2 definitions]
tenderfoot one who is unaccustomed to rough outdoor life; greenhorn. [3 definitions]
tender-hearted inclined to feel love, pity, sorrow, or the like; soft-hearted; compassionate; sympathetic.
tenderize to cause (meat) to be tender, as by pounding or marinating.
tenderloin a strip of esp. tender meat located beside the backbone in beef or pork. [2 definitions]
tendinitis inflammation of the tendon.
tendon a cord or band of tough white fibrous tissue that connects a muscle with a bone or other part; sinew.
tendril a long, thin, leafless twining stem or extension with which some climbing plants attach themselves to a support. [2 definitions]
tenebrous dark and gloomy; obscure.
tenement an apartment building, esp. one located in the poorer section of a city. [4 definitions]
tenement house an overcrowded, usu. run-down apartment building, esp. one in a slum area of an urban region.
tenet any belief, opinion, doctrine, or the like, that a person or esp. an organization holds as being true.