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tenderloin a strip of esp. tender meat located beside the backbone in beef or pork. [2 definitions]
tendinitis inflammation of the tendon.
tendon a cord or band of tough white fibrous tissue that connects a muscle with a bone or other part; sinew.
tendril a long, thin, leafless twining stem or extension with which some climbing plants attach themselves to a support. [2 definitions]
tenebrous dark and gloomy; obscure.
tenement an apartment building, esp. one located in the poorer section of a city. [4 definitions]
tenement house an overcrowded, usu. run-down apartment building, esp. one in a slum area of an urban region.
tenet any belief, opinion, doctrine, or the like, that a person or esp. an organization holds as being true.
tenfold having ten parts or elements. [3 definitions]
ten-gallon hat a cowboy hat with a very wide brim and tall crown, usu. made of felt.
Tennessee a southeastern U.S. state between Kentucky and Alabama. (abbr.: TN)
Tennessee Valley Authority a U.S. federal corporation formed in 1933 to provide inexpensive electric power, flood control, and irrigation to the Tennessee Valley by developing the Tennessee River and creating dams, reservoirs, and the like.
Tennessee Walking Horse any of several breeds of saddle horse characterized by a light, easy gait.
tennis a game in which two players or two pairs of players, using rackets, hit a ball back and forth over a low net on a rectangular court.
tennis ball a small round ball covered with a felt-like material used in the game of tennis.
tennis elbow inflammation of the elbow, esp. of its tendons, caused by repeatedly rotating the hand or elbow, as in playing tennis.
tennis shoe a sports shoe, usu. having a canvas upper and a rubber sole; sneaker.
tenon a protruding part shaped to fit into a mortise to make a joint. (See mortise.) [3 definitions]
tenor the meaning or general sense of something spoken or written; purport; drift. [7 definitions]
tenor clef a musical notation that places the C clef on the fourth line from the bottom of the staff.
tenpenny nail a nail that is three inches long.