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terrarium a closed container, usu. of glass, in which small plants such as mosses are grown or small animals such as lizards are kept. (Cf. aquarium.)
terrazzo a flooring that is composed of marble or other stone chips bound in cement and polished when dry.
terrestrial of or relating to the earth or its inhabitants. [5 definitions]
terret one of the metal rings on the saddle of a harness through which the reins pass. [2 definitions]
terrible creating terror, fear, or horror. [3 definitions]
terribly very poorly. [2 definitions]
terrier a small energetic dog originally bred to drive animals from their holes or burrows.
terrific extraordinary in degree; great. [3 definitions]
terrified filled with great fear or terror.
terrify to fill with great fear or terror.
terrifying causing great fear or terror.
territorial of or relating to land or territory. [5 definitions]
territoriality the condition or status of a territory. [2 definitions]
territorialize to expand by gaining more territory. [2 definitions]
territory an area or region of land. [5 definitions]
terror overwhelming fear. [4 definitions]
terrorism the use of violence, torture, or physical intimidation by a group or organization as a means of forcing others to satisfy its demands.
terrorist one who uses violence, torture, or physical intimidation to achieve one's ends, esp. one's political ends. [2 definitions]
terrorize to intimidate or coerce with threats or acts of violence. [2 definitions]
terrorless combined form of terror.
terror-stricken overcome by terror; extremely frightened; terrified.