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theism belief in the existence of one God that created the world and is known through revelation. (Cf. deism.) [2 definitions]
the last straw the final, decisive defeat, failure, indignity, burden, or the like that causes collapse, exhaustion, the losing of one's temper, or the like.
the lesser of two evils the option that is not as bad as the other option, even though both are bad.
the long haul a relatively short or long distance. [2 definitions]
them the persons or things already mentioned; a form of "they" used as the object of a verb or preposition. [2 definitions]
thematic of or relating to a theme.
theme the central topic of a speech, discourse, sermon, essay, or other literary work. [3 definitions]
theme park an amusement park in which the structures and settings share a common theme.
theme song a melody or song identified with a play, movie, television program, or the like, esp. one used as an introduction or closing, or one used to create a certain mood or tone.
the most (old-fashioned; slang) the most exciting or delightful; best.
themselves used to emphasize they. [3 definitions]
then at that past time. [6 definitions]
thence from that time on; thenceforth. [2 definitions]
thenceforth from then on; thereafter.
thenceforward thenceforth.
The Nibelungenlied a thirteenth-century Middle High German epic poem that recounts the adventure of Siegfried.
theo- god.
theobromine a bitter, crystalline alkaloid related to caffeine, found in cacao plants, kola nuts, chocolate, and tea, and used as a diuretic and nerve stimulant.
theocracy a form of government in which a god or gods are acknowledged as the ultimate authority. [2 definitions]
theodicy any system of theology that attempts to reconcile divine omnipotence with the presence of evil.
theodolite a precision instrument used in surveying that has a telescopic sight for measuring horizontal and vertical angles.