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theorist one who studies and produces theories, esp. in science, politics, government, or the like.
theorize to form a theory or theories. [2 definitions]
theory a proposed explanation of something, usu. based on abstract reasoning. [3 definitions]
theory of games see "game theory."
Theosophical Society a society founded in 1875 advocating a religion based on mystical insight and aspects of Buddhism and Hinduism.
theosophy any of various religious philosophies based on mystical insight of the individual person into divinity, arising from spiritual perception and meditation. [2 definitions]
the other day one day recently; a few days ago.
therapeutic of, pertaining to, or capable of healing; curative.
therapeutics (used with a sing. verb) the branch of medicine that deals with the treatment of disease.
therapist one who specializes in a particular type of curative or remedial treatment, such as a physical therapist or psychotherapist.
therapy the curative treatment of disease or disability. [3 definitions]
there in, at, or to that place. [10 definitions]
thereabouts about or near that place, time, number, degree, or the like.
thereafter following that; from then on.
thereat at a specified place, point, or time; there or then. [2 definitions]
thereby by that means; as a result of that. [3 definitions]
there'd (informal) contracted form of "there would," or contracted form of "there had."
therefore for that reason; as a result; consequently.
therefrom coming or arising from that place, thing, or time.
therein in that place, time, or thing. [2 definitions]
thereinafter in what follows (usu. used to refer to a legal document).