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thereinafter in what follows (usu. used to refer to a legal document).
thereinto into that place or thing. [2 definitions]
there'll (informal) contracted form of "there will".
thereof of or pertaining to this, that, or it. [2 definitions]
thereon on or upon this, that, or it. [2 definitions]
there're (informal) contracted form of "there are".
there's contracted form of "there is". ; contracted form of "there has".
thereto to that place or thing. [2 definitions]
theretofore up to or before that time.
thereunder under or beneath that or it. [2 definitions]
thereunto to that place, fact, circumstance, or other previously named thing; thereto.
thereupon immediately after that; thereon. [3 definitions]
there've (informal) contracted form of "there have".
therewith with this, that, or it. [3 definitions]
therewithal together with or besides that; therewith. [2 definitions]
thermal of, pertaining to, generating, utilizing, or resulting from heat. [3 definitions]
thermal barrier the maximum flight speed of a given supersonic aircraft in the atmosphere that is set by aerodynamic heating effects.
thermal pollution the releasing of large quantities of heated air or water that disrupt the local ecological balance.
thermal spring a spring with water that is of a higher temperature than the mean annual temperature of the spring's locale.
thermic of, pertaining to, or resulting from heat; thermal.
thermionic tube a vacuum tube in which an electrically heated cathode causes the emission of electrons or ions.