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thirteenth indicating rank or position between twelfth and fourteenth. [3 definitions]
thirtieth indicating rank or position between twenty-ninth and thirty-first. [3 definitions]
thirty the number represented by the Arabic numeral 30 and by the Roman numeral XXX. [5 definitions]
thirty-second note a musical note with one thirty-second the time value of a whole note; demisemiquaver.
Thirty Years' War a series of European wars occurring from 1618 to 1648, originally between German Catholics and German Protestants but later involving Sweden, France, and Spain, from which France emerged as the most powerful nation in Europe.
this the person, thing, or matter mentioned, understood, or at hand. [7 definitions]
thistle any of various plants with prickly leaves and showy heads of usu. purplish flowers.
thistledown the fluffy, seed-carrying down on the mature flower head of a thistle.
thither to or toward that place; that way; there. [2 definitions]
thitherto until that time; up to then.
tho (informal) though.
thole a wooden peg or metal pin, usu. one of a pair, set into the gunwale of a boat to act as the fulcrum for an oar.
Thomas according to the New Testament, one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ, who doubted the truth of Christ's resurrection until shown physical proof of it.
Thomas Alva Edison a U.S. inventor (b.1847--d.1931).
Thomas Jefferson U.S. statesman, architect, and one of the authors of the Declaration of Independence, who became the third President of the United States, serving from 1801 to 1809 (b.1743--d.1826).
Thomas Malthus an English economist (b.1766--d.1834).
Thomas More an English statesman and writer who was canonized in 1935; St. Thomas More (b.1478--d.1535).
Thomism the theological and philosophical system of St. Thomas Aquinas, on which thirteenth-century scholasticism was based.
Thompson submachine gun a portable .45-caliber submachine gun; tommy gun.
thong a narrow strip of leather or the like, used esp. as a fastening or as a whiplash. [2 definitions]
Thor in Scandinavian mythology, the god of thunder, who rides a wagon drawn by goats and is armed with a hammer.