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threshold the sill underneath a door; doorway. [3 definitions]
thresh out to discuss vigorously and at length until agreement is reached.
thresh over to discuss vigorously and at length until agreement is reached.
threw past tense of throw.
thrice in three instances; three times. [2 definitions]
thrift prudent management and saving of one's resources, esp. money; frugality. [3 definitions]
thrift institution a financial institution, such as a savings and loan bank or credit union, whose primary function is handling savings accounts.
thriftless lacking thrift; careless with money; improvident; wasteful.
thriftshop a store that sells used or second-hand goods at reduced prices, usu. to raise funds for a charity.
thrifty practicing thrift; economical. [2 definitions]
thrill to cause to feel a sudden, intense excitement, passion, or the like. [8 definitions]
thriller (informal) a suspenseful tale or drama, such as a murder mystery. [2 definitions]
thrilling causing a feeling of sudden, intense excitement.
thrive to progress well or succeed; prosper. [2 definitions]
thriving progressing well; prospering. [2 definitions]
throat the narrow area inside the neck that allows the passage of air to the lungs and the passage of food to the stomach. [5 definitions]
-throated having (such) a throat.
throatlatch a strap that crosses a horse's throat in order to secure a bridle.
throaty produced or uttered from deep in the throat; husky.
throb to beat, or feel one's blood beating, at an accelerated rate or level, as from emotion, exhaustion, stress, or the like. [4 definitions]
throe a deep, wrenching pain or sudden spasm, as in death or childbirth. [2 definitions]