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throw to send through the air with some force, esp. by a sudden straightening of the arm and wrist; hurl. [15 definitions]
throw a monkey wrench into to disrupt the organization, functioning, or realization of.
throw away to discard as trash or garbage. [2 definitions]
throwaway a freely distributed handbill or leaflet, usu. given out or left in public places. [3 definitions]
throwback an instance of reversion to an earlier stage, form, or the like, esp. in biological evolution. [2 definitions]
throw down the gauntlet to challenge another, esp. to a fight.
throw in the sponge (informal) to admit defeat or inability.
throw in the towel to quit reluctantly or admit defeat.
thrown past participle of "throw."
throw off to cause changes that make (something or parts of something) incorrect, disordered, or out of alignment. [2 definitions]
throw out to put (something) into the trash or garbage. [7 definitions]
throw rug a small rug used to cover a portion of a bare floor.
throw up to bring up food and liquid from your stomach through your mouth; vomit.
throw weight the payload, or carrying capacity, of a ballistic missile, including the weight of its warheads and guidance systems.
thru (informal) through.
thrum1 to play (a stringed instrument or a tune) by plucking, esp. idly or repetitiously. [5 definitions]
thrum2 the remainder of a warp thread left on the loom after the woven fabric has been cut off. [3 definitions]
thrush1 any of several widely distributed songbirds that typically have dark upper plumage and often a speckled breast. [2 definitions]
thrush2 a fungal disease characterized by white spots and eruptions in the mouth, usu. afflicting young children. [2 definitions]
thrust to push or drive forcefully. [11 definitions]
thruway a limited access highway or toll road, usu. crossing an entire state or similar long distance.