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thumbstall a protective sheath for the thumb.
thumbs-up an expression or gesture of approval, assurance, or agreement.
thumbtack a large-headed tack that can be pressed into place with a thumb, as into wood or cork. [2 definitions]
thump a heavy dull sound of impact, as made by a blunt instrument striking or a large object falling. [7 definitions]
thumping of, pertaining to, designating, or like a thump. [2 definitions]
thunder the loud explosive noise or low distant rumble produced by the rapid expansion of gases along the path of a lightning discharge. [7 definitions]
thunderbird in the mythology of some North American Indians, a giant bird that causes lightning, thunder, and rain.
thunderbolt a bolt of lightning accompanied by thunder. [2 definitions]
thunderclap a single loud clap of thunder, or a similar sound.
thundercloud a large dark storm cloud charged with electricity that produces lightning and thunder; cumulonimbus. [2 definitions]
thunderhead the enlarged, rounded, upper portion of a thundercloud that is the sign of a coming storm.
thunderous producing a sound of or like thunder.
thundershower a brief shower of rain accompanied by lightning and thunder.
thundersquall a brief violent thunderstorm.
thunderstone any of various stones, fossils, or prehistoric tools that in former times were believed to have been hurled to the ground as thunderbolts.
thunderstorm a brief electrical storm usu. accompanied by heavy rain and high winds.
thunderstruck amazed, awed, or stunned.
thundery accompanied with, indicating, or sounding like thunder; thunderous.
thunk1 dialetical past tense and past participle of the verb "think."
thunk2 non-reverberating sound such as that made when something heavy falls to the ground.
thurible a censer.