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ticker tape paper tape upon which a telegraphic ticker prints stock quotations, reports, and the like.
ticker-tape parade a parade in which a championship sports team, war hero, or dignitary is showered with ticker tape, confetti, and the like from buildings along the parade route.
ticket a small, usu. narrow slip of thin cardboard or paper, serving as evidence of prepayment of the fare, fee, or admission price of some event, service, or the like. [10 definitions]
ticketless combined form of ticket.
tick fever any infectious fever, such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever, transmitted to humans by the bite of a tick.
ticking a strong, closely woven, usu. twill fabric of cotton or linen, used in casings for mattresses and pillows.
tickle to touch, stroke, or poke (someone or part of someone's body) so as to produce a tingling or itching sensation or spasmodic laughter or movement. [6 definitions]
tickled pink delighted or very pleased.
tickler a person or thing that tickles. [2 definitions]
ticklish sensitive to tickling. [3 definitions]
tick-tack-toe a game for two players, one marking X's and the other marking O's in turn on a grid of nine squares until one succeeds in filling three squares with the same mark in a row down, across, or on a diagonal.
ticktock the ticking sound of a mechanical clock, metronome, or the like. [2 definitions]
ticky-tacky (informal) poorly made or unimaginative in design; cheap; shoddy. [2 definitions]
tidal of, pertaining to, having, or caused by tides. [2 definitions]
tidal pool a body of seawater that remains as a rocky pool on the shore when a tide recedes; tide pool.
tidal wave an unusual rise or incursion of the sea, caused by an underwater quake, a hurricane, or the like; tsunami. [2 definitions]
tidbit an appetizing or choice bit, as of food, gossip, or news.
tiddlywinks (used with a sing. verb) a table game in which the players press large plastic disks against the rims of small ones in order to flick the latter into a cup.
tide the periodic change, occurring about every twelve hours, in the height of the surface of oceans and nearby bodies of water, or a specific instance of this change. Tides are caused by the gravitational pull of the moon and sun. [6 definitions]
tideland coastal land commonly covered and uncovered by tides.
tideless combined form of tide.