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time clock a clock that records the exact time on a card, used by employees to record the time of their arrival at and departure from work.
time deposit a deposit of funds in a bank which can be withdrawn only at the end of a specified period, or after the depositor has given advance notice.
time exposure a photographic exposure in which the shutter is kept open an unusually long time. [2 definitions]
time-honored respected because of its long use.
time is up used to tell someone that they have no more time in which to continue with what they are doing.
timekeeper an official in an athletic contest who regulates, keeps track of, or records the time for an event or each section of a game. [3 definitions]
time-lapse of, designating, or using a technique for filming a slow process by taking photographs at intervals and then projecting them continuously so that the process appears to be speeded up.
timeless not having a beginning or end; endless; eternal. [2 definitions]
time limit a limit set on the amount or period of time during which some action can or must be taken or completed.
timeline a graphic presentation of a chronology of events and their dates, listed from left to right along a horizontal line or in a vertical column.
time lock a lock attached to a timing mechanism that prevents it from being opened until a specific time.
timely occurring punctually or at just the right moment. [2 definitions]
time off time away from work when one may relax or do other things.
time-out a brief suspension of play in an athletic contest that is not counted in the time allotted for the game. [2 definitions]
timepiece a mechanism that measures and displays the time, such as a clock or watch.
timer one who measures or records time; timekeeper. [3 definitions]
times multiplied by.
timesaving facilitating the conservation or efficient use of time.
timeserver one who adapts his or her conduct to prevailing custom or opinion, for personal advantage; opportunist.
time-share to own or use by time-sharing.
time-sharing the joint ownership of property, esp. vacation condominiums and the like, in which each owner occupies the property for a set period of time. [2 definitions]