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tin ear (informal) the inability to distinguish tones in music.
tineid the clothes moth.
tine test a diagnostic test for tuberculosis, in which the skin is punctured by an instrument with four small tines that have been dipped in tuberculin antigen.
tinfoil tin, aluminum, or a tin alloy rolled out in a thin, flexible sheet and used as wrapping or lining, as for food and food containers.
ting a single high, clear, usu. faint ring, as of a small bell. [2 definitions]
ting-a-ling a repeated ring or tinkle, as of a small bell.
tinge to impart a faint or slight trace of something to. [4 definitions]
tingle to feel a prickling or stinging sensation, esp. on the skin. [4 definitions]
tin god an officious or dictatorial person who exercises or is granted more authority than is warranted.
tinhorn (slang) a person, esp. a gambler, who pretends an undue importance. [2 definitions]
tinker one who earns a living by traveling from place to place and repairing metal household wares. [7 definitions]
tinker's damn something of little or no worth or importance.
Tinkertoy trademark for a child's construction toy having various wooden pieces that fit together.
tinkle to make faint or light ringing sounds, as small chimes. [4 definitions]
tinned coated, plated, or covered with tin.
tinner one who works in tin or sells tinware; tinsmith. [2 definitions]
tinnitus a ringing or buzzing sensation in the ears that had no external cause.
tinny having a metallic taste or sound. [3 definitions]
tin plate thin sheet iron or steel plated with tin.
tinsel a glittering material with a metallic appearance that is produced in strips, sheets, or the like and used for its decorative effect, esp. at Christmas. [6 definitions]
tinsmith one who makes and repairs items of tin or similar lightweight metals.