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titmouse any of several small birds of North America that have grayish plumage and often a crest or tuft.
titrate to determine the amount of a substance in (a solution) by adding a standard liquid reagent of known concentration and measuring the volume required to produce a specified reaction such as a change in color or form.
titter to laugh or giggle in a restrained, nervous, or embarrassed way. [2 definitions]
tittle a small amount or piece. [2 definitions]
tittle-tattle gossip or idle chatter. [2 definitions]
titular having a title but none of the power or responsibility related to it; nominal. [5 definitions]
Titus a book of the New Testament, consisting of a letter written by the apostle Paul to one of his disciples.
tizzy (informal) a nervous, confused, or agitated mental state.
TKO abbreviation of "technical knockout," in boxing, a victory won as a result of the opponent being so badly hurt that the referee declares the match over.
Tl symbol of the chemical element thallium.
TLC abbreviation of "tender loving care."
Tlingit a member of any of several North American Indian tribes living in the coastal areas of southern Alaska and northern British Columbia. [2 definitions]
TM1 abbreviation of "trademark."
Tm symbol of the chemical element thulium.
TM2 abbreviation of "transcendental meditation."
TN abbreviation of "Tennessee," a southeastern U.S. state between Kentucky and Alabama.
TNT a yellow flammable solid that is unaffected by ordinary friction or shock, but is used as an explosive; trinitrotoluene.
to in the direction of; toward. [15 definitions]
TOA abbreviation of "time of arrival."
toad any of numerous tailless amphibians that have dry rough warty skins, live primarily on land, and resemble the related frog. [3 definitions]
to a degree to a certain extent; somewhat.