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Titus a book of the New Testament, consisting of a letter written by the apostle Paul to one of his disciples.
tizzy (informal) a nervous, confused, or agitated mental state.
TKO abbreviation of "technical knockout," in boxing, a victory won as a result of the opponent being so badly hurt that the referee declares the match over.
Tl symbol of the chemical element thallium.
TLC abbreviation of "tender loving care."
Tlingit a member of any of several North American Indian tribes living in the coastal areas of southern Alaska and northern British Columbia. [2 definitions]
TM1 abbreviation of "trademark."
Tm symbol of the chemical element thulium.
TM2 abbreviation of "transcendental meditation."
TN abbreviation of "Tennessee," a southeastern U.S. state between Kentucky and Alabama.
TNT a yellow flammable solid that is unaffected by ordinary friction or shock, but is used as an explosive; trinitrotoluene.
to in the direction of; toward. [15 definitions]
TOA abbreviation of "time of arrival."
toad any of numerous tailless amphibians that have dry rough warty skins, live primarily on land, and resemble the related frog. [3 definitions]
to a degree to a certain extent; somewhat.
toadfish any of various scaleless ocean fish of U.S. Atlantic coastal waters that have a thick, flattened head and a wide mouth.
toadstool a mushroom, esp. one that is umbrella-shaped, inedible, and, often, poisonous.
toady someone who fawns over or flatters others for personal advantage or profit; sycophant. [2 definitions]
to a fault to an extent that is almost too favorable or good.
to and fro in one direction and toward the opposite.
toast1 bread that has been sliced and browned in an oven, toaster, or the like. [4 definitions]