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TM2 abbreviation of "transcendental meditation."
TN abbreviation of "Tennessee," a southeastern U.S. state between Kentucky and Alabama.
TNT a yellow flammable solid that is unaffected by ordinary friction or shock, but is used as an explosive; trinitrotoluene.
to in the direction of; toward. [15 definitions]
TOA abbreviation of "time of arrival."
toad any of numerous tailless amphibians that have dry rough warty skins, live primarily on land, and resemble the related frog. [3 definitions]
to a degree to a certain extent; somewhat.
toadfish any of various scaleless ocean fish of U.S. Atlantic coastal waters that have a thick, flattened head and a wide mouth.
toadstool a mushroom, esp. one that is umbrella-shaped, inedible, and, often, poisonous.
toady someone who fawns over or flatters others for personal advantage or profit; sycophant. [2 definitions]
to a fault to an extent that is almost too favorable or good.
to and fro in one direction and toward the opposite.
toast1 bread that has been sliced and browned in an oven, toaster, or the like. [4 definitions]
toast2 a call on other people to drink in honor of someone or something, or a short verbal salute preceding this call. [5 definitions]
toaster1 an electric appliance designed to heat and brown bread, rolls, or the like.
toaster2 one who makes or takes part in a toast.
toastmaster one who presides over an occasion such as a dinner or banquet where toasts are given.
toasty comfortably warm or cozy.
to a T completely and suitably; to perfection.
tobacco any of a variety of native American plants with large sticky leaves that are smoked, chewed, or used in snuff. [3 definitions]
tobacconist one who sells tobacco products at retail, esp. pipe tobaccos.