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tobacco any of a variety of native American plants with large sticky leaves that are smoked, chewed, or used in snuff. [3 definitions]
tobacconist one who sells tobacco products at retail, esp. pipe tobaccos.
Tobit in the Apocrypha, a pious exiled Hebrew who is cured of blindness by an angel of God. [2 definitions]
to blame in error or at fault.
toboggan a long, narrow, runnerless sled that is curved upwards in front, used for riding downhill on snow or ice. [2 definitions]
to boot in addition; as well.
toby (sometimes cap.) a stout drinking mug in the form of a man's head and face, used esp. for ale or beer.
toccata a musical composition for keyboard in an improvisational style full of elaborate running passages, full chords, and other figures designed to display technique.
tocopherol vitamin E.
tocsin a signal given with an alarm bell, or the bell itself. [2 definitions]
to cut one's eyeteeth on to gain one's earliest experience from.
today the present day. [4 definitions]
toddle to walk with short unsteady steps, as a child learning to walk. [2 definitions]
toddler a young child aged around one to three, especially one who has learned to walk but is still unsteady. [2 definitions]
toddy a hot drink made with liquor, a sweetener, and often spices. [2 definitions]
to-do (informal) a commotion or fuss; stir.
toe one of the jointed extensions on the end of the foot in humans and other vertebrates. [7 definitions]
toea the smaller monetary unit of Papua New Guinea. (Cf. kina.)
toecap the part of a shoe or boot that covers the toes.
toed having a toe or toes, usu. of a specified kind or number. [2 definitions]
toe dance a dance executed in large part on the tips of the toes or in toe shoes, as in ballet.