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to go around to be sufficient for the number of people or for some purpose.
to go halves to share or divide equally.
togs clothes, esp. those for a certain role or purpose.
to haul off (informal) to prepare to do something, as by drawing back the arm before striking.
toil1 long or laborious work or effort. [3 definitions]
toil2 (usu. pl.) anything that entraps, entangles, or afflicts with difficulties.
toilet an appliance for receiving human urine and feces, consisting of a bowl, a hinged seat, and an apparatus for flushing the bowl with water. [3 definitions]
toilet paper a soft absorbent paper used to clean oneself after defecation or urination.
toiletry an article or preparation used in cleaning or grooming oneself.
toilette esp. for women, the act or process of cleaning, grooming, and dressing oneself, or the appearance that results from this process; toilet.
toilet training the training of a young child to use a toilet.
toilet water a lightly scented liquid used as perfume or cologne.
toil-slave one who performs hard labor for another without credit or reward.
toilsome characterized by or requiring much effort or labor; laborious.
toilworn showing wear, fatigue, or age as a result of toil.
Tokay a type of Hungarian grape, or a sweet wine made from it. [2 definitions]
token something that serves to represent, signal, or symbolize a feeling, value, event, or the like. [8 definitions]
tokenism the policy or practice of making only minimal or symbolic efforts to achieve some social or political goal such as racial integration or sex equality.
Tokyo the seaport capital of Japan; formerly, Edo.
told past tense and past participle of tell.
tole lacquered or enameled metalware, usu. gilded and decorated.