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Tokay a type of Hungarian grape, or a sweet wine made from it. [2 definitions]
token something that serves to represent, signal, or symbolize a feeling, value, event, or the like. [8 definitions]
tokenism the policy or practice of making only minimal or symbolic efforts to achieve some social or political goal such as racial integration or sex equality.
Tokyo the seaport capital of Japan; formerly, Edo.
told past tense and past participle of tell.
tole lacquered or enameled metalware, usu. gilded and decorated.
to lead to the altar to marry.
tolerable capable of being tolerated or endured; endurable. [2 definitions]
tolerance the ability or practice of accepting the race, religion, customs, opinions, or the like of other people; absence of negative prejudice; open-mindedness. [4 definitions]
tolerant willing to tolerate the beliefs, characteristics, or acts of others. [2 definitions]
tolerate to accept or permit although not truly desired or officially sanctioned; not attack or oppose. [2 definitions]
toleration the act or an instance of accepting or allowing; tolerance. [2 definitions]
toll1 to cause (a large bell) to ring or chime, esp. with slow and measured strokes. [4 definitions]
toll2 a charge or tax, usu. for passage across a bridge or along a highway or other road. [3 definitions]
toll bar a barrier to access, as to a road or bridge, that is lifted after a toll is collected; tollgate.
tollbooth a booth where a toll is paid, as for access to a road or bridge.
toll bridge a bridge at which one must pay a toll in order to cross.
toll call any telephone call for which a higher rate is charged than the fixed rate for local calls.
tollgate a gate or gatelike structure where a toll is collected, as on a highway.
tollhouse cookie a crisp chocolate-chip cookie sometimes containing chopped nuts.
tollkeeper one who collects tolls at a tollgate.