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-tomy an act of cutting or dividing, esp. in surgery.
ton a unit of weight equal to two thousand pounds or 907.185 kilograms, used in the United States and Canada; short ton. [7 definitions]
tonal of or relating to a musical tone, tones, or tonality.
tonality a particular musical scale or key. [3 definitions]
tondo a circular painting.
tone a sound with reference to its pitch, strength, or duration. [10 definitions]
tone arm the pivoting arm on a phonograph that holds the needle.
tone cluster a group of notes close in pitch to each other played simultaneously, as on a keyboard or by several instrumentalists.
tone color the characteristic quality of sound from an instrument or voice; timbre.
tone control on an amplifier, a manually controlled device that regulates the intensity of high and low frequencies.
tone-deaf unable to distinguish differences in musical pitch.
tone down to make less harsh, loud, or bright; soften.
tone language a language, such as Chinese, Swedish, or Bantu, in which the pitch or tone contour of a word helps to distinguish its meaning from that of another word that otherwise sounds like it; tonal language.
toneless combined form of tone.
tone poem see "symphonic poem."
tone row a series of tones, arranged in an arbitrary order with no duplications, used in serial music; twelve-tone series.
tong1 to use tongs on, as in lifting or handling. [2 definitions]
tong2 a Chinese society, political organization, or the like. [2 definitions]
Tonga an island country in the southwestern Pacific, east of Fiji.
Tongan a native or inhabitant of Tonga, or a descendant thereof. [2 definitions]
tongs (usu. used with a pl. verb) any of various hand-held instruments consisting of two arms that are hinged or otherwise joined, and used to grasp small objects.