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tonicity the quality or condition of good muscle tone.
tonight this present or approaching night. [2 definitions]
tonka bean the fragrant seed of a tropical South American tree, used as a substitute for vanilla and in perfumes and snuff. [2 definitions]
tonnage the carrying capacity of a ship, esp. a freighter, expressed in tons of weight or volume. [4 definitions]
tonneau the enclosed rear seating compartment in an early model of automobile, or the entire body of such a model. [2 definitions]
to no avail without achieving one's purpose; without success.
tonometer an instrument that measures a sound's pitch, esp. a tuning fork or a set of tuning forks. [3 definitions]
tonsil either of two masses of spongy tissue that are situated on either side of the throat near the back of the tongue, and that have a disputed function.
tonsillectomy the surgical removal of the tonsils.
tonsillitis inflammation of the tonsils.
tonsorial of or pertaining to barbers or barbering (often used for humorous overstatement).
tonsure the act of cutting the hair or shaving the head, esp. the crown, or the state resulting therefrom. [3 definitions]
tontine an annuity or life insurance plan in which subscribers contribute to and share equally in a common fund, with all benefits going to the last survivor or those surviving past a specified time. [2 definitions]
tonus the slight, continuous tension of relaxed muscles that enables them to respond to stimulation.
too in addition; as well; also. [4 definitions]
took past tense of take.
tool an instrument, such as a hammer, drill, or other hand-held device, used for doing work. [8 definitions]
toolbar one or more rows of buttons on a computer display, each of which can be clicked to select a particular functionality in a software application or web browser.
toolbox a portable, usu. compartmentalized container for hand tools.
toolmaker a skilled machinist who makes and maintains tools, dies, parts, and the like.
toolroom a room in which tools are stored or, in a machine shop, where they are made and repaired.