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toroid a surface that is produced by the rotation of any closed plane curve about a straight line in its own plane, or a solid that has such a surface. [2 definitions]
to roll out the red carpet to greet in grand or impressive style.
torpedo a long, cylindrical, self-propelled explosive missile that can be launched against ships from above or under water. [6 definitions]
torpedo boat a fast, maneuverable, lightly armored boat used to torpedo enemy ships.
torpedo tube a tube from which torpedoes are launched, as in marine vessels.
torpid dormant or inactive, as in hibernation. [2 definitions]
torpor a state of suspended movement or feeling, as in a dormant animal. [2 definitions]
torque the measured ability of a force to produce turning or twisting around an axis, such as a gear or shaft.
torque converter a hydraulic device that transfers or increases torque, as in the automatic transmission of an automobile.
torques a ring of feathers, hair, or color around the neck of a bird or animal.
torque wrench a wrench that indicates how much torque has been applied in tightening a nut, bolt, or the like.
torrefy to dry (a drug, ore, or the like) with intense heat.
torrent a heavy, turbulent flow of water, as in a rushing stream, a flood, or a downpour. [2 definitions]
torrential of or like a torrent. [2 definitions]
torrid parched or scorched by the sun, as a geographic area. [2 definitions]
Torrid Zone the area of the earth between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn; Tropical Zone.
torsade a twisted cord or strip of fabric, or a molding resembling this, used as ornament.
torsion the act of twisting or the state of being twisted. [2 definitions]
torsion bar a metal bar that maintains stability under twisting, used in the suspensions of some automobiles.
torso the human body from neck to hips; trunk. [2 definitions]
tort in law, any civil rather than criminal harm or injury that violates the implicit duty of each citizen not to harm others, and for which one may bring a civil suit and collect compensation.