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tout ensemble (French) all together or all in all. ; the general impression, as of a piece of art.
tout le monde all the world (French); everybody.
tovarich (Russian) comrade.
tow1 to pull along at the end of a rope, chain, or the like; haul. [4 definitions]
tow2 short, coarse, broken fibers of flax, hemp, or jute prepared for spinning into yarn, twine, or the like. [3 definitions]
towage the act of towing, or the condition of being towed. [2 definitions]
toward moving or facing in the direction of. [6 definitions]
towboat a boat used to pull or push other boats or barges; tugboat.
towel a piece or length of absorbent cloth or paper made and used for wiping or drying the face or body, dishes, or the like. [2 definitions]
towelette a small, moist paper towel used for cleansing esp. the hands and face.
toweling any of various absorbent fabrics used to make towels.
tower1 a tall narrow building, a similar part of a building, or a separate, often unwalled, structure that rises high above the ground. [3 definitions]
tower2 one that tows.
towering very tall; lofty. [3 definitions]
towhead a whitish blond head of hair resembling tow. [2 definitions]
towhee any of several related large ground-feeding North American finches.
to wit in other words; that is to say; namely.
towline a rope, chain, or the like by which something may be towed.
town a center of population that is larger than a village but generally smaller than a city. [4 definitions]
town clerk an official who keeps town records and accounts, issues local licenses and permits, and manages the town office.
town crier a man hired by a town, before the advent of mass media, to proclaim the news or make public announcements in the streets.