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toy any object, device, or the like that can be used in play, esp. by children; plaything. [7 definitions]
toyon a California evergreen, related to the rose, that bears clusters of white flowers and bright red berries.
toy shelf a single shelf or piece of furniture with shelves used primarily for keeping and displaying children's toys.
toyshop a store in which toys are sold or a workshop in which they are made.
tr. abbreviation of "transitive," in grammar, indicating a verb that takes a direct object.
tra- across; over.
trabeated using horizontal beams or lintels as supports instead of arches. [2 definitions]
trace1 a visible mark or evidence of a past event or of something having been present. [11 definitions]
trace2 one of two ropes, chains, or straps used to harness a draft animal to a cart, carriage, or the like.
trace element a chemical element found in minute quantities in a substance, such as plant or animal tissue or soil.
tracer someone or something that traces. [3 definitions]
tracery an ornamental pattern of branching and interlaced bars or ribs, as in a Gothic window. [2 definitions]
trachea the tube in air-breathing animals that carries air to the lungs; windpipe. [2 definitions]
tracheo- trachea.
tracheotomy the surgical opening of the trachea through the outside of the neck.
trachoma a contagious bacterial eye infection, affecting the conjunctiva and cornea, that is characterized by inflammation, granulation, and eventual scarring.
tracing the act or process of drawing, reproducing, or recording by tracing. [2 definitions]
track a structure consisting of a pair of parallel rails connected by crosspieces, on which trains or trolleys travel. [9 definitions]
trackage the total amount of track owned by a railroad. [3 definitions]
track and field a set of athletic events, such as foot racing, high jumping, and javelin throwing, performed on or near a running track.
tracking shot in film or television photography, a shot made by a moving camera, esp. in following a moving subject.