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track and field a set of athletic events, such as foot racing, high jumping, and javelin throwing, performed on or near a running track.
track down to find (something or someone) by methodically investigating, as if by following tracks.
tracking shot in film or television photography, a shot made by a moving camera, esp. in following a moving subject.
tracking station a base, station, vessel, or the like having the necessary radar and other equipment to monitor or communicate with craft traveling through the air or in space.
trackless leaving behind no tracks. [3 definitions]
track lighting a means of illuminating a room or the like with adjustable lights that are arranged along a narrow electrified track on a wall or ceiling.
trackman a railroad employee who lays, inspects, or repairs railroad tracks. [2 definitions]
track record a record or history of actions or performance.
tracksuit a matching jacket or sweatshirt and pants designed to be worn during exercise or warm-up.
track system an educational practice in which students are placed into certain curricula of study based on evaluation of their abilities, interests, needs, or the like.
trackwalker a person who visually inspects railroad tracks as an assigned task.
tract1 an expanse of land or water, sometimes with defined boundaries. [2 definitions]
tract2 a brief essay or pamphlet, usu. on a religious or political topic, that is distributed to solicit support or adherence.
tractable easy to manage or guide; docile. [2 definitions]
tractate a treatise, tract, or essay.
tractile able to be drawn out or extended; tensile; ductile.
traction the adhesive friction of a body moving on a surface, such as the tire of an automobile against a road. [3 definitions]
tractive producing or having traction; pulling; drawing.
tractor a powerful motorized vehicle with large, heavily treaded tires, used to pull farm machinery. [2 definitions]
tractor-trailer a truck tractor to which a trailer or semitrailer is attached.
trade the act of buying and selling commodities, or all such acts collectively; commerce. [11 definitions]