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traffic pattern a flight path or an arrangement of such paths in the airspace near an airport, in which aircraft fly after taking off or before landing.
tragacanth any of various low-growing, thorny Asian shrubs that produce a gummy substance which is used commercially. [2 definitions]
tragedian an actor noted for his or her performances in tragedies. [2 definitions]
tragedy a disastrous occurrence; calamity. [2 definitions]
tragic of, pertaining to, or having the nature of tragedy. [3 definitions]
tragicomedy a stage play or other literary work that combines tragedy and comedy, or a real event or series of events of similar character.
trail to drag along behind, esp. on the ground. [13 definitions]
trailblazer one who leads the way in any new field or endeavor; pioneer. [2 definitions]
trailer someone or something that trails. [3 definitions]
trailerable combined form of trailer.
trailer park a privately owned area in which rental space and public utilities are provided for mobile homes.
trailing arbutus a creeping evergreen bearing pink or white flower clusters that is related to heath and grows in eastern North America.
trailing edge the back edge of an airfoil or propeller blade.
trailless combined form of trail.
train a connected series of railroad cars. [12 definitions]
trainable combined form of train.
trainee one who is being trained; apprentice.
trainer a person who trains athletes or horses for competition. [2 definitions]
training the act or process of providing discipline or instruction to a person or animal that is being trained. [2 definitions]
training school a school that gives specialized vocational, professional, or artistic training. [2 definitions]
training table a table or dining hall where athletes eat specially prepared meals.