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trample to tread on or with a heavy, noisy, crushing step. [4 definitions]
trampoline a sheet of strong canvas stretched on a horizontal frame by springs or elastic cords, used for tumbling and acrobatics.
tramp steamer a freight ship, having no fixed route, that transports loads to different ports as required.
tran- across; over; beyond. [2 definitions]
trance a semiconscious or sleeplike condition during which one's ability to exercise one's own will or control one's movements may be reduced, as in hypnosis or catalepsy. [4 definitions]
tranche one of several portions of a bond or other financial product that has been separated out by risk, maturity, or other factors so as to suit the needs of different investors who could not invest in the whole. [2 definitions]
tranquil free from turmoil, disruption, noise, or agitation; calm, steady, or peaceful.
tranquilize to calm down; relax.
tranquilizer something that tranquilizes, esp. a drug taken to calm the nerves.
tranquillity the condition or quality of being peaceful, untroubled, or calm; serenity.
trans shortened form of "transgender"; relating to or being a person whose gender identity differs from the sex which was assigned to them at birth.
trans. abbreviation of "translated," "translation," or "translator."
trans- across; over. [3 definitions]
transact to conduct, manage, or carry through (business or other activities) to a conclusion.
transaction the act, process, or an instance of transacting or the fact of being transacted. [3 definitions]
transactional analysis a method of psychotherapy based on the theory that each person's psyche consists of three ego states that variously emerge in interpersonal relationships.
transalpine beyond or across the Alps, esp. northward from Italy.
transatlantic crossing or spanning the Atlantic Ocean. [2 definitions]
transceiver a single unit that both transmits and receives radio or electronic signals.
transcend to go beyond or rise above (a common limitation). [4 definitions]
transcendent going beyond the ordinary; surpassing; extraordinary. [3 definitions]