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translocation a movement or transference from one place to another. [3 definitions]
translucent permitting the diffused passage of light, so that images on the other side cannot be seen clearly.
transmigrate to pass into and be reborn in another body, as the soul of a dead person. [2 definitions]
transmigration the rebirth of the soul of a dead person in another's body. (See reincarnation.)
transmissible capable of being transmitted, as a disease.
transmission the act or process of transmitting, or the fact or condition of being transmitted. [4 definitions]
transmission line any system of conductors that transmits signals.
transmit to send or convey from a source to a destination. [6 definitions]
transmitter the broadcasting apparatus that generates, amplifies, and modulates radio waves and sends the signal thus produced from an antenna. [3 definitions]
transmogrify to change, transform, or mutate, esp. in a grotesque or strange way.
transmutation the act or process of transmuting or the state of being transmuted; transformation. [3 definitions]
transmute to change into another form, substance, state, or the like; transform.
transoceanic crossing or spanning an ocean. [2 definitions]
transom a small, hinged window above an interior door, or the crossbar separating the two. [2 definitions]
transonic close to the speed of sound; moving at a speed that is between subsonic and supersonic.
transpacific crossing or spanning the Pacific Ocean. [2 definitions]
transparence the state, quality, or condition of being transparent; transparency.
transparency the state or condition of being transparent; transparence. [2 definitions]
transparent permitting the passage of light and a clear view of objects on the other side. [3 definitions]
transpire to occur; happen. [3 definitions]
transplant to uproot and replant in another place. [5 definitions]