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trash can a large container, usually made of metal or hard plastic, that is used for holding garbage.
trashy of or like trash; worthless; sleazy; inferior.
trattoria an inexpensive café or restaurant that serves Italian dishes.
trauma a severe wound or injury requiring immediate medical attention, or the resulting condition of the body or damaged body part. [2 definitions]
traumatic (of an injury) of sudden onset and requiring urgent medical attention. [2 definitions]
traumatize to injure or wound physically. [2 definitions]
travail strenuous and often painful or exhausting work; toil. [4 definitions]
travel to journey from place to place. [9 definitions]
travel agency a business that arranges flight bookings, itineraries, hotel reservations, and the like for travelers.
traveled having traveled a great deal. [2 definitions]
traveler someone or something that travels. [2 definitions]
traveler's check a signed check of a specified prepaid amount, usu. one of a set purchased from a bank, that is widely accepted in exchange for cash or goods when countersigned by the purchaser.
traveling salesman a sales representative who visits customers in an assigned territory to sell or solicit orders for the goods or services of a particular business firm.
travelogue a film or illustrated lecture showing the pleasures of travel in some region or country.
traverse to go over, along, or through; cover or cross. [11 definitions]
travertine a type of limestone that is found as a deposit at natural hot springs, that looks like pocked marble, and that is used for the facing and floors of buildings, esp. public ones.
travesty an exaggerated or grotesque imitation or parody, as of a literary work or serious subject, made to ridicule the original. [3 definitions]
trawl a large wide-mouthed conical net that is dragged along the bottom of the sea to catch deep-water fish. [5 definitions]
trawler a fishing boat equipped with a trawl net. [2 definitions]
tray a flat, open receptacle in varying sizes, usu. with slightly raised edges, used to carry, hold, or display food, drink, or small articles. [2 definitions]
treacherous betraying or likely to betray trust; traitorous; faithless. [2 definitions]