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trenail variant of treenail.
trench a deep, narrow excavation or furrow; ditch. [8 definitions]
trenchant incisive or penetrating, as perception or wit. [3 definitions]
trench coat a belted, usu. double-breasted raincoat with large pockets and straps at the shoulders and cuffs.
trencher one that digs trenches.
trench fever an infectious type of rickets characterized by muscle pains and recurrent fever, and transmitted by body lice.
trench foot a diseased condition of the feet that is caused by inactivity and exposure to cold dampness for long periods.
trench knife a knife used in hand-to-hand combat, having a short, double-edged blade.
trench mortar a portable mortar used to fire at a high angle over a short range.
trench mouth an infectious ulceration of the mouth and throat caused by bacteria.
trend a general course, direction, or tendency. [4 definitions]
trendy of or relating to the latest style or mode.
Trenton the capital of New Jersey.
trepan a heavy tool for drilling holes, esp. in rock. [3 definitions]
trepang any of various edible sea cucumbers found in the South Pacific and Indian Oceans, used esp. in Oriental soups.
trephine a circular surgical saw, mounted on a shaft and operated by a lateral handle, used to remove disks of bone, esp. from the skull. [2 definitions]
trepidation a condition of anxiety or dread; alarm. [2 definitions]
trespass in law, an act of entering upon or invading the property, rights, or person of another without permission and with the actual or implied use of force. [5 definitions]
tress (pl.) a woman's or girl's locks or curls of hair, usu. long and unbound. [2 definitions]
trestle a stable support formed by a horizontal beam or bar joined to the tops of two vertical members that slope or widen outward and downward. [2 definitions]
trestlework a trestle or trestle system, such as the support structure of a bridge.