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Triassic of, relating to, or designating the first geological period of the Mesozoic Era, from approximately 220 million to 180 million years ago, when volcanic activity was prominent and many reptiles, including the dinosaurs, appeared. [2 definitions]
triathlon an athletic contest in which contestants participate in three continuous events, usually swimming, cycling, and running, timed as one race.
tribal (sometimes cap.) of, concerning, or characteristic of a tribe or tribes.
tribalism a strong sense of identification with and loyalty to the tribe, clan, team, or other social group of which one is a participating member. [2 definitions]
tribe a racial, political, or social group comprising numerous families, villages, or the like and having a common language, culture, and, often, ancestry. [2 definitions]
tribesman a male member of a tribe.
tribulation severe suffering or affliction; distress. [2 definitions]
tribunal a court of justice. [2 definitions]
tribune a defender of the common people's rights, esp. in the ancient Roman government.
tributary a river or stream that flows into a larger river or stream, or into a lake. [3 definitions]
tribute something given, done, or said to express respect, admiration, or obligation. [3 definitions]
trice a very short time; moment.
tricentennial lasting for or pertaining to a period of three hundred years; tercentenary. [3 definitions]
triceps a large muscle on the back of the upper arm that straightens the elbow and has three points of attachment.
triceratops any of several three-horned, plant-eating dinosaurs of the Cretaceous period that had a bony plate covering the neck area.
trichina a tiny parasitic worm that causes trichinosis by residing, in the adult stage, in the intestines of its host animal and, during the larval stage, encysting the muscles.
trichinosis a dangerous disease caused by small worms that are passed to humans in the eating of inadequately cooked meat, esp. pork, and marked by fever, muscle swelling, nausea, and pain.
tricho- hair; hairlike.
trick something done to deceive, cheat, or outwit someone. [15 definitions]
trickery the use of tricks, esp. to deceive, outdo, or cheat. [2 definitions]
trickle to fall or flow in drops or in a thin, weak stream. [5 definitions]