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triple jump a track-and-field event in which the jumper takes a running start and makes three consecutive jumps for horizontal distance.
triple play in baseball, a play by the defensive team that puts three offensive players out.
triple-space to type (copy) on every third line, leaving two blank lines in between.
triplet one of three children born at a single birth. [4 definitions]
tripletail any of several chiefly marine fishes having large, trailing dorsal and anal fins that resemble tails.
triplex triple; threefold. [2 definitions]
triplicate a set or group of three identical copies, or any one of these three (often prec. by "in"). [2 definitions]
triploblastic having three germ layers, the ectoderm, endoderm, and mesoderm.
tripod a usu. adjustable three-legged stand or support, as for a camera or telescope.
Tripoli the seaport capital of Libya. [2 definitions]
tripoli a porous, lightweight rock consisting of weathered chert or siliceous limestone, used as a polishing powder.
tripper1 a person or thing that trips. [2 definitions]
tripper2 (slang) one who is under the influence of a hallucinogen.
trippet a projection or cam that strikes another mechanical part at regular intervals.
tripping moving lightly, nimbly, and quickly; fluent.
triptane a colorless liquid used as an antiknock additive to fuel, esp. airplane fuel.
triptych a set of three paintings or carved panels, hinged or fixed side by side.
tripwire a hidden wire that activates a trap, snare, or the like when tripped over.
trireme an ancient Greek or Roman galley, usu. a warship, with three tiers of oars on each side.
trisect to divide (a line, plane figure, or angle) into three equal parts.
triskaidekaphobia irrational fear of the number thirteen.