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trolley a vehicle, esp. a streetcar, propelled electrically along a track or overhead wires. [7 definitions]
trolley bus an electric passenger bus that travels on tires and draws its power from overhead wires by means of trolleys; trackless trolley.
trolley car a streetcar that is propelled along rails by an electric current transmitted through a trolley from a wire suspended overhead or laid in the tracks.
trollop a habitually dirty, slovenly, or untidy woman. [2 definitions]
trolly variant of trolley.
trombone a brass wind instrument consisting of a long tube bent in two parallel loops ending in a bell, that is played by means of valves or by a slide that shortens or lengthens the tube to produce different tones.
trommel a rotating cylindrical or conical sieve used for sorting coal, gravel, or the like.
tromp (informal) to walk with a heavy or noisy step; tramp. [3 definitions]
trompe l'oeil a painting or sculpture in which the illusions of three-dimensionality and tactile reality are so convincing that the viewer may not be sure if what is seen is real or represented. [2 definitions]
-tron instrument or device (used esp. in electronics and nuclear physics).
troop a band of soldiers. [7 definitions]
trooper a mounted cavalry soldier. [2 definitions]
troops members of the military; soldiers.
troopship a vessel for transporting military troops.
trope any literary or rhetorical device, such as a metaphor, that uses words in a sense different from their literal meanings; figure of speech.
trophic of or relating to nutrition or nutritive processes.
trophoblast an outer layer of cells by which the fertilized ovum attaches to the uterine wall, and through which the embryo receives nourishment.
trophoplasm a type of protoplasm that provides nourishment to a cell.
-trophy nutrition or growth.
trophy something serving as a token or memento of victory, excellence, or the like; award. [2 definitions]
-tropic turning or changing in (such) a way or in response to (such) a stimulus. [2 definitions]