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trump in certain card games, a suit or a card of a suit that outranks other suits during a particular hand. [5 definitions]
trumped-up of a charge, piece of evidence, or the like, falsely devised or concocted; spurious.
trumpery something of little value; useless finery. [3 definitions]
trumpet a brass wind instrument with three valves atop a looped tube that ends in a flared bell, which produces bright, strong, often piercing tones. [9 definitions]
trumpet creeper a high-climbing vine of the southern United States that has compound leaves and bears large, red, trumpet-shaped flowers.
trumpeter one who plays a trumpet; trumpet player. [5 definitions]
trumpeter swan a large wild North American swan, usu. white, that has a loud, sonorous, trumpetlike cry.
trumpet flower any of several plants with trumpet-shaped flowers, such as the trumpet creeper, or such a flower itself.
trumpet honeysuckle an American honeysuckle that bears large, red, tubular flowers.
trumpet vine any of various vines with trumpet-shaped flowers, such as the trumpet creeper.
trump up to devise or fabricate dishonestly (an accusation, rumor, or the like).
truncate to cut off short; shorten. [4 definitions]
truncated made shorter by or as if by having part cut off. [3 definitions]
truncheon a staff or baton representing an office or authority; scepter. [2 definitions]
trundle to convey using wheels or a wheeled vehicle. [6 definitions]
trundle bed a low, usu. single bed on casters that can be rolled under another bed when not being used.
trunk the main stem of a tree. [10 definitions]
trunk call (British English; old-fashioned) a long-distance telephone call.
trunkfish any of various tropical fishes with a boxlike body that is covered with fused bony plates from which only the mouth, eyes, fins, and tail protrude.
trunk hose short baggy breeches that extend to mid-thigh, worn in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
trunk line a main line of a transportation or communication network such as a railroad or telephone system.