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trustee a person holding and administering property in the interests of a beneficiary. [3 definitions]
trustees people who hold or take care of a property or business on behalf of another or others.
trusteeship the duties or position of a trustee. [2 definitions]
trustful tending to trust; full of trust.
trust fund money or securities that are held in trust, as for a minor.
trusting that trusts; trustful; having confidence.
trustless combined form of trust.
trustor in law, one who creates a trust.
trust territory a territory that is administered by a country or countries authorized to do so by the United Nations.
Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands1 a U.S. trust territory in the Pacific, comprising several groups of islands east and southeast of the Philippines.
Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands2 see "Pacific Islands," "Trust Territory of the."
trustworthy worthy or deserving of trust and confidence; steadily dependable; reliable.
trusty faithful; reliable; trustworthy. [3 definitions]
truth agreement with fact or reality. [6 definitions]
truthful tending to adhere to the truth; habitually honest. [2 definitions]
truth serum a drug that makes a subject talkative or open to suggestion and perhaps likely to reveal consciously or unconsciously withheld information, used by police or military interrogators and some psychotherapists.
truth table a table that indicates the degree of truth of a compound statement in logic, mathematics, or the like, for every possible combination of the truth-values of its components.
try to attempt through deliberate effort. [7 definitions]
trying causing extreme annoyance, hardship, or irritation.
try on to put on an article of clothing in order to test the desirability of its size or appearance.
tryout a test or pretest to ascertain utility, fitness, or skill; audition; trial run.